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29 €

Include entry to the medieval village


17 €

Reservation recommanded

On site snacks

Behind the scenes

5 €

Ticket to be taken on site

The village

4 €

Open from 6:30 p.m.

Let us surprise you

Castillon 1453 presents its 2022 season to you: during 15 evenings from July 21 to August 20, discover the medieval era of Guyenne by having fun in its medieval village and attending the show "The Battle of Castillon", historical evocation around the last battle that ended the 100 years war. Let yourself be surprised by the number of extras and actors (more than 250 on stage, more than 500 for the entire season), by 40 knights and their mounts, by the size of the scenic area (3 ha) staged by the play of lights and pyrotechnic effects. Discover the customs of the villagers and winegrowers, share the life of the monks of the priory. Discover the great characters of Guyenne: from Eleanor of Aquitaine to John Talbot. Immerse yourself in 1453 which also marks the end of the Middle Ages with the fall of Constantinople. Directed by Eric Le Collen, Costumes by Hervé Poeydomenge, Sponsors of the show: Mireille Calmel, Franck Ferrand, and Pierre Durand eco-event

Un spectacle écoresponsable

Accompagné par une labellisation "éco-événement", délivrée par l'association REEVES, nous allons réduire notre impact sur l’environnement.
La démarche globale vise à sensibiliser le public sur les gestes qui préservent notre environnement.
Plusieurs actions sont mises en place ; un menu bas carbone, un accueil vélos, les tickets papiers seront remplacés par des jetons réutilisables, la billetterie encourage la dématérialisation (e-billets), des Écocup …


  Retrouvez le projet "évènement éco-engagé


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Visitors received in 2019

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The Battle of Castillon is produced by the association 1453. Throughout the year, it offers various activities around the theme of history in medieval times. From the month of May, the volunteers, who have become fugitives, prepare your welcome and rehearse the show. Follow the preparation and behind the scenes of this wonderful adventure of more than 500 volunteers. The show "la Bataille de Castillon" refers to the medieval period: discover our section week after week. Receive our articles by subscribing to our newsletter (see below).


Find the characters and scenes from the show, our story is also told in pictures.