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"The Castillon 1453 association, A TERRITORY AT THE HEART OF HISTORY"

as been carrying out this project since 2015, thus continuing the adventure of the "Atelier 1453 association" and "the Bataille de Castillon association".

The association produces about fifteen summer performances for a live historical show lasting an hour and a half (40 riders and more than 200 extras). In addition, it animates a medieval village which welcomes tourists and spectators as well as on-site catering.

In addition, many activities are offered in the surrounding castles.

A stroll through the streets of Saint Émilion and Castillon la Bataille with horses and characters in period costumes marks the start of the season with the "March of Talbot".

Throughout the year, the association offers thematic workshops: medieval dances, knight fights, juggling, introduction to theatre. She is also in charge of making costumes, logistics, site upkeep and maintenance of her facilities. Its volunteers make their multidisciplinary skills available and do not fail to meet for festive times.

The association also surrounds itself with live performance professionals, a guarantee of quality.

This complementarity of women and men from all walks of life (employees, volunteers or service providers), of all generations, with friends or family, with their many talents, creates the conditions for rich, ambitious and unifying projects that contribute to the development of the territory.

The History

The History

"Once upon a time..." is the expression introducing beautiful stories like that of the Association Castillon 1453.
The latter is the result of four decades of passion, meetings of women and men driven by a taste for history, in particular that of their territory.
This one, witness of the great History, carried on its soil a battle putting an end to the 100 years War and the end of chivalry. It is regularly cited as a landmark date of the end of the Middle Ages: The Battle of Castillon.

3 centeries of history

After marrying Louis VII in 1137, Eleanor of Aquitaine separated from the King of France on his return from the second crusade to marry Henri Plantagenet, the future King of England, in 1152.
The kingdom of France then lost a huge and very prosperous territory, in particular thanks to the wine trade. Three centuries of quarrels followed, including 116 years of war between the two kingdoms.
On July 17, 1453, the army of Chartes VII found itself at the gates of Castillon to fight battle. Faced with the guns of the Bureau brothers, the English defeat was total; General Talbot's cavalry is decimated and the region definitely returns to the French.

3 centeries of history

800 years later

The idea of ​​celebrating this event germinated in 1953 during the ceremonies of its 500th anniversary, but the circumstances of the time were not conducive to celebrating this French victory.
The idea will remain anchored in memories, and after a period of more than 20 years, a first performance was born in 1974. Then the show took off in 1977 on the banks of the Dordogne at a place called "la Plage" at Castillon-la-Bataille.
The popular success exceeding the expectations of the organizers, the show adapts and then plays in front of the Saint-Symphorien church, at the Equestrian center of Blanzac and for more than 30 years at the foot of the Château de Castegens in Belvès-de-Castillon.
The incredible energy of volunteers, groups of friends, families, merchants and their commitment coordinated by the Festival Committee makes the show grow year after year.

800 years later

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Our Partners

Ils contribuent aux côtés de notre association à préparer et à mettre en scène le Village Médiéval et le spectacle "la Bataille de Castillon". Véritables partenaires, ils apportent leurs compétences au service du projet. 
La Compagnie Paradoxales est une entreprise bordelaise spécialisée dans le théâtre d’entreprise et l’événementiel.
Poney bicéphale est une association qui crée et présente des spectacles de jonglerie et magie, avec un zeste d'humour et beaucoup de feu.
Les Écuries de Saint Selve, centre équestre affilié à la Fédération Française d’Équitation, font du spectacle un moment fort avec 40 couples cavaliers-chevaux représentant nos vaillants chevaliers.
Cirrus production : Éric Le Collen metteur en scène de spectacles et d'événements scénographiques et concepteur lumières.
ForgeImages: Fabien Lafargue production vidéo.
Gwendal Fournier: graphiste freelance.
Hervé Poeydomenge, costumier.
Mathieu Anglada, photographe et vidéaste indépendant dans la région bordelaise.
Rowing Club Castillonnais, association sportive, discipline aviron, bénévoles pour la gestion du parking.
Mouraud sécurité assure les prestations de gardiennage, de sécurité et de surveillance de l’événements.
Transgourmet  pour la restauration.
Pyroma.artifices qui illumine le ciel de mille feux et organise les effets spéciaux.
H&D Technologie sprl  qui donne toute l'ampleur du son et des lumières.

Open day on May 15, 2022, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., on the show site, in Belvès de Castillon.