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Not to be missed THE SHOW 1453... A great year in Occidental History !
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Performed on a natural arena encompassing 17 acres,
within firing range of the original battle ground, 800
volunteers, including 500 actors and 50 horseback
riders, re-enact the Battle of Castillon.

The 90 captivating minutes, filled with stunts, special
effects and explosive expertise are combined with the
everyday life of the Middle Ages, rural scenes set in a
farm or an inn or by the well, scenes from the grape
harvest, shooting parties and market day with street
sellers and a travelling dentist!

It is performed, as the producer Éric Le Collen says,
“With the precision of the cinema, the sensitivity of the
theatre and the dimension of the opera.”
The Battle of Castillon seals the end of the Hundred Years
War. For 3 centuries, Alienor's Aquitaine belonged to the
English Crown and helped to establish the authority of the
king of France.

The fall of Constantinople by the Turcs put an end to the
Christians' presence in the East and the last byzantin artists
or scientists took refuge in Italy.

Gutemberg, who invented the mainstream printing, was
therefore at the beginning of an imprecedented cultural
revolution. History was now accessible to the majority and
enabled knowledged to spread.

Historians agree to consider this period as the end of the
Middle Ages...
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